Strategic Partnership Funding

A Strategic Publishing Partnership Opportunity

A unique and imaginative idea…

Discounts of up to 80% from the suggested retail price!

Join us as we work toward an important goal!

Loneliness_Front-Back_for-webThe need of the hour is urgent, and we must not wait any longer than necessary in endeavoring to connect faithful, God-honoring, biblical resources with needy people. So, from time to time, we invite you to join us in a significant prepublication initiative in which we offer a sliding scale of discounts to enable you to strategically purchase upcoming or reprinting titles in the LifeLine mini-book series.

By preparing several of the mini-books and printing them simultaneously, we—as a publisher—are able to secure significant savings in production costs. It is then opportune for us to pass these savings on to you and your ministry.

The table below gives a synopsis of prices and quantity breaks when we gang several titles together. The suggested retail price for each mini-book is $3.99. By purchasing even just 100 of a title, you will receive a discount of 60% from the suggested retail price. Of course, if you purchase more, you could make much deeper savings, right up to a staggering 80% off!

There are numerous ways in which you may use the mini-books you purchase: you could share them with friends, make them available to your church or your ministry, and to organizations that have specific ministries to people pertaining to the topic of the mini-book. Even though your discount is deep, you may set the selling price at whatever level you wish—so this represents a wonderful opportunity to you in your financial stewardship. Consider the following specifics of how you and others may make the most of this discount scale:

  • Have a friend, relative, or ministry partner commit to financing a several hundred copies
  • Arrange with your church (or a member of the congregation who is able to) to purchase copies for free or subsidized distribution
  • Consider donating significant quantities or making copies available to specific outreach or special ministry teams that are known to you or are in your neighborhood
  •  Think of people in specific ministry situations (educators, medical personnel, military, etc.,) who could benefit from using resources such as these and consider giving them a “starter pack” to help them in their unique spheres of service

This may well be just the right time for you begin to plan to purchase copies of the LifeLine mini-books!

Scale of Discounts

SP Scale of discounts element b


Notes and Terms

1. You select which titles you wish to purchase.
2. You may purchase as many copies as you wish of whichever title you chose, but with a minimum order of 100 per title.
3. Prepublication discounts in this offer are not eligible for mix and match.
4. Your order must be received no later than a date we will set, sometime near the printing.
5. To assist us in our planning, we would ask you to please indicate your possible/probable interest as soon as possible (without obligation) to
6. Terms: Payment with order is required, or credit terms of no greater than 30 days from invoice on approved vendors.
7. Shipping charges at cost to you or your freight forwarder

To learn more about each of these most recently featured mini-books, activate the links below.

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Help! I’m Drowning in Debt
Help! I’m Living with Terminal Illness
Help! I’ve Been Traumatized by Combat
Help! My Kids Are Viewing Pornography
Help! My Teen Is Rebellious
Help! She’s Struggling with Pornography

Placing an Order or Registering Interest

To register your interest in this opportunity or to place your prepublication order, call us toll-free on 800-338-1445, or contact us here.