A Unique Program

Join forces with Shepherd Press in making this excellent 64 page, small format mini-book resource available to our military!

Written by Barrett Craig, a deployed military chaplain, this small book considers the challenges of serving in the armed forces, and addresses questions and concerns such as

  • What Makes Deployment So Difficult?
  • Why Deployments?
  • The Hope in Deployment
  • Glorifying God while Deployed

Evangelistic: This publication does not assume that the reader is yet a Christian or understands the message of the love and grace of God.

Author Barrett Craig, a former US Marine, currently serves as a Navy chaplain. He holds a ThM in Biblical Counseling from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, is an ACBC certified counselor, and a member or ETS. He and his wife, Colleen, have one daughter.

Help! I’m Being Deployed | Barrett Craig | 64pp | ISBN 978-1-63342-000-7 | Shepherd Press | SRP $3.99

Unique Opportunity but Significant Challenge

The Fact: Printing is not expensive when tens of thousands of items are printed at one time.

The Opportunity: We are able to print this mini-book and make it available for $1.00 if we partner with churches, individuals, and other organizations. It has a suggested retail price of $3.99. But we must get critical mass into the printing project…

The Challenge: To get to such a low price, we have to print ten thousand or more copies at a time.

Our Vision: We would like to partner with churches all over the USA to finance the printing and distribution of this mini-book.

Your Commitment: If you, your church, your school would commit to making a one-off contribution, we can print and distribute as many mini-books as you commit dollars. If just ten churches contribute $1,000 each, that means that ten thousand copies of the mini-book are on their way to our military!

Printing Starts… We plan to start printing once we have at least $10,000 towards the project.

More about the Mini-book

  • More information on the mini-book here.
  • View, print and circulate a media sheet here.
  • View a one-minute video of Barrett


Q: How do you plan to distribute the mini-books?
A: We are working in partnership with various organizations connected with the military, especially those who have a good relationship with chaplains, in order to ensure maximum efficiency in the distribution process.

Q: In my church, we already know of a chaplain and Christian military personnel; may we purchase some copies to supply directly to such people?
A: Yes, we encourage direct initiatives such as this. All we ask is that you pay the cost of shipping from Shepherd Press to your location, and that you take care of the distribution from there on. And we do ask that the mini-books not be made available for resale, but are only ever donated.

Q: I would love to be a part of this project, but I cannot afford to contribute $1,000.00. Is it possible to give a lower amount, or to make split or ongoing payments?
A: Yes, we value all contributions and encourage churches, ministries, schools, or whatever other organizations there may be (it could even be individuals and families) to be involved in this ministry project.

Q: Is the gospel clearly presented in the mini-book?
A: Yes. We do not assume that the reader is a Christian or that he or she knows of the righteousness and grace of God in Christ, so there is a clear gospel presentation within the pages.

Q: Do families of deployed people also find help in this mini-book?
A: Yes, it is written with families in mind as much as the deployed person.

Q: Do you plan to publish related titles that may help military personnel?
A: Yes, we are aware that there are other issues affecting the military and their families, so we are working on a project that helps military personnel who are suffering the effects of PTSD.